With the goal of helping writers tell their stories and find their readers, the Amazon Literary Partnership supports innovative nonprofit organizations that empower writers to create, publish, learn, teach, experiment, and thrive. We support a diversity of voices and strive for a lasting impact on the literary community. 

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For the past couple years, we have requested that organizations receiving Amazon Literary Partnership grants complete an end-of-year status report, detailing how they used that year's funding. This year, we're asking that grantees - past, present, and potential future recipients - also complete this one-time survey. 

As we seek to improve and evolve the funding efforts of the Amazon Literary Partnership, we're hoping to get a better sense of the impact and reach achieved by the nonprofits we support. In particular we're interested in learning more about our partners' work on behalf of overlooked and underrepresented groups of writers.

As with our annual report, this survey includes a mix of quantitative questions (# of writers helped/published, # of books or magazines published, web traffic) and qualitative (awards, other accolades and anecdotes). This information will help us better understand how we might modify and improve our program.

We recognize that your time is valuable, so we tried to keep our (18) questions simple and easy to address. *Please complete this survey by Sept. 15, 2018.

Our sincere thanks,

The Amazon Literary Partnership team